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sleepy electronzzz station news

7 july 2006
I added a track or two from Bill Nelson "Crimsworth" from 1995.
6 july 2006
Tracks were added from Deep Chill Network "Heart of the Tundra" CD.
5 july 2006
Tracks from Oophoi's "Hymns to a silent sky" were added.

More Oophoi tracks from "Night Currents" were added to the ambient stream playlist.

I added a single track from Harold Budd and Richard Maxwell "The Oak of the Golden Dreams."

...and yet more tracks from Oophoi "Mare Imbrium"

14 may 2006
Tracks from Galaxy's "Angel" CD from 1998 were added to this stream and to Channel Z.
13 may 2006
I added tracks from Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook's "Outland 3."

I also added tracks from Atom Heart's microsound CD "Schnittstelle"

26 february 2006
I added some tracks from another newie collaboration of Alio Die with Festina Lente "Il Sogno Di Un Piano Veneziano a Parigi"

I have a lot of older wonderful classic ambient music to add to the playlist, but Steve Roach is so awesome and a supporter of this station, that I had to add his new one "Immersion: One".  It's a single 75+ minute track.  Nice.

25 february 2006
It's been a while since the last addition but it's a busy time for me.  Today I added tracks from a CD by Werner Durand & Alio Die "Aqua Planing"  Click on the title to see more info on Alio Die's site.
28 january 2006
Today I added tracks from a new DataBloem CD Spielerei "publix" to the ambient stream.
21 january 2006
Today I added a few tracks from The Circular Ruins "The Alchemy Concert" from June 2004 on Databloem.

I also found a CD from 1997 from kendall turner overdrive "displaced links" from which I extracted a few noisy tracks for the ambient stream.

14 january 2006
Today I added some tracks from Antonio Testa "Radioforest" on which Alio Die also plays.  This CD is along the same tribal ambient lines as much of Steve Roach's work.

Also I added some tracks from Lammergeyer "Borders and Barrens" CD on DataObscura.

Seldom is the key word for ambient with vocals but Haco and Sakamoto Hiromichi "Ash in the Rainbow" certainly falls under that umbrella.  It's from 2003 evidently.

...and some almost haunted sounds from Library Tapes "alone in the bright lights of a shattered life".

...and finally some DSP ambient from sinebag "près de la lisière"

8 january 2006
It is my distinct pleasure to add some track from another wonderful Tor Lundvall CD "Under the Shadows of the Trees".
7 january 2006
The first addition of 2006 to the ambient playlist consists of tracks from an unusual guitar CD from Tetuzi Akiyama "Pre-Existence"


26 december 2005
After a pleasant Christamars holiday, I took the opportunity to add a selection from Ultra's CD called "Roman Holiday"  The CD is pretty noisy but the song Malaria is very pretty.

...and a more traditional but absolutely stunning from Kelvin L Smith called "Reclining Music" was used as a source of a few tracks for the ambient stream.

24 december 2005
Another short power failure this AM took the stream down.
18 december 2005
The ambient stream was down due to a 14 hour power failure at the transmitter.  I took the opportunity to edit out some corrupted MP3 files out of the playlist before going back on the air.
17 december 2005
Today was very gray and I guess that influenced my track selection.  I added a few tracks from Anton Aeki's "Ningun K" CD which have a strong noise element.

Another noise-ish CD was used for several tracks: Kiyoshi Mizutani's "Waterscape."

Along more traditional ambient lines, I finally added some tracks from Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell's "Outland 2" CD.

11 december 2005
Today I added some selections in a combination of dark noise/drone with languid ambient guitar from Rothko.Blk w/Bear's "Wish for a World Without Hurt."
10 december 2005
Today I added some really STUNNING tracks to the ambient stream from John Foxx's "Cathedral Oceans II."  This cannot be more highly recommended.  Gorgeous shimmering synthetic ambient music.   And as the title implies this is the follow-up to the first disc and can be obtained as a double-CD set.

...and I discovered another really good ethno-ambient disc by Omenya entitled "Ancient Rites."  Very much in a really good Steve Roach vein.

19 november 2005
The ambient stream now has its own static IP for the first time ever.  This will provide for the most reliable stream ever.  Sorry for all the recent disconnects and downtime, but the status of electrical power here is very unstable.

The KLF's "Chill Out" CD is certainly a classic disc and is frequently played on the stream.

As my first new rip this week I chose a new CD by Amir Baghiri called "Exosphere."

14 november 2005
The ambient stream transmission facilities were moved back to the original studioes in New Orleans yesterday.  Unexpectedly we discovered high speed internet was available for live streaming!!!

I added Rapoon's "I Am a Foreigner" to the ambient stream this morning.

6 november 2005
Most if not all of the latest ambient music added to the stream pre-Katrina was restored to the playlist today.  The playlist contains over 7500 selections, some of which are over an hour each.  Enjoy!

I hope to be adding even more new music over the next few days and weeks.

First to be added is the compilation CD called "Fluidities"  which consists of remixes of songs by many other artists on this stream that are designed to be overlaid on one another to create unique new mixes.

is another Alio Die collaboration this time with Ziet called "Sunja."

I have a lot of Michael Stearn's music on the stream and I added another one today called "The Storm."  Very nice.

Another beautiful package from Hypnos by Chad Hoefler called Twilight in the Offing...

24 october 2005
The stream is back up in relay mode allowing for the usual playlist of about 7500 songs, some over an hour in length.  The home transmission facility is still without electricity, but the relay equipment has been successfully moved to a temporary location to protect it from looting.  We hope to re-occupy the home facility in 1-3 weeks.

Unfortunately the main station computer's original hard drive went down with Katrina.  Fortunately the station computer's music files had been backed up fairly recently.  However, some of the newer entries below may not be on the reconstructed playlist.

Thanks for listening.  Support the artists you hear on this stream by buying their music.

29 september 2005
The stream is back up in basic mode (w/commercials) and renamed "the.zzzone : : katrina" for obvious reasons.  The playlist is MUCH shorter due to the fact that I evacuated with only 10 cds.  However, in basic mode, I can exploit the MP3 Pro format at 64/44 which results in improved fidelity with the same bandwidth as before.

8 september 2005
Sad news.  The ambient stream is down for an indefinite period due to damage to the transmission facility in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.  The area of the transmission facility has been flooded and there is no power or water.  I will update this page when further information is available.

You can email me at the following: feedback2004(at)

21 august 2005
I added some unusual industrial spoken word/field recording work from Clear Stream Temple's CD called "XVI" today.  There are some definite political overtones.
18 august 2005
Due to changes in my internet connection, my relay transmitter has been down for the last 2 days and with it the ambient stream.  It came back online about 10 mins ago.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
14 august 2005
I added selections from Austere's "Curio" CD.

Austere remixed some Stephen Philips' material to produce "Faded" from which I have added some stuff to the playlist.

More along the classical synth lines, I added a few tracks from Paul Ellis' "The Sacred Ordinary" CD.

And I've been meaning to add some tracks from Alio Die's "Khen introduce silence" CD and I finally did today.

13 august 2005
I added selections from a new CD on Dark Duck by Bolander "Through The Tube."

Again on Dark Duck I added some music from Stephen Philips' "Desert Landscapes (remastered)."

A few songs were also added from Ben Cox's "On Water" CD on lotuspike.

It's been a busy day here at the station.  I decided to keep adding to the playlist and found some tracks by Beyond Sensory Experience on their "Pursuit of Pleasure" dark ambient CD from this year.  The CD is on the Cold Meat label.

As a major Tor Lundvall fan I am pleased to add selections from his "Last Light" CD to the ambient stream.  Yummy, dreamy piano and synth. zzz!

...and one more thing!  I finally added some selections from Alio Die & Saffron Wood's "The Sleep of Seeds" to the ambient stream.  See cover art FRONT and BACK.

7 august 2005
I added selections from an unusual CD by the late Annick Nozati "La peau des Anges".  Click on the title to find out more of this intriguing artist. 

From the site: "La Peau des Anges (Vand'oeuvre 9712) - rough translation: "the skin of angels" - is Annick Nozati's second solo recording (the first was 16 years ago) and, to my mind, the most satisfying and distinctive vocal album of 1997. Comparing this to its predecessor of 1981, Nozati says: "It testifies to the constancy of inspiration and to the evolution of expression and style towards an economy of means." La Peau des Anges also reveals another, more intimate level of emotional subtlety, effectively challenging the still widely-held and mistaken belief that collectivity is the essence of improvised music. There are captivating moods here that could only have been expressed by a solo improvisor, working alone and without the expectation of 'intrusion' from another personality. That exquisite, immensely moving sense of our existential aloneness, our vulnerability as individuals (one finds it in the films of Bresson, Bergman and Tarkovsky), is palpably conveyed in the first three pieces where the voice is sparingly accompanied by the solemn, vibrating strings of a Baschet sound sculpture. A contemplative silence punctuates and surrounds the music. Nozati carefully modifies pitch, using reverb to enhance each nuance of expression. 'La Dame en noir dit JE' deftly introduces a second, overdubbed voice (like the alter-ego of the first), deepening the mystery of this cloistered atmosphere.

"By studying the evolution of sound material in its intimacy in everyday life we become able to hear sounds in their infra-structure. We can develop a more precise sound analysis than the one indexed in classical teachings of harmony. We can create steps of pitches and much more complex and rich time-divisions by perceiving these infra-sounds and infinitesimal beats. In just one sound we can hear a tonal root and an infinity of harmonics and all the other elements that come with breath, tension and the meeting of sounds in space."

La Peau des Anges also reveals Nozati the abstract painter and writer; texts are recited rather than sung like song lyrics; paintings reproduced in the booklet display the same kind of concern for textural detail that one finds in the music.

"This research that I carry out in improvised music I continue when painting and writing texts. I try to see and uncover what is beyond mere appearance, what is hidden under the obvious. The small details. We can feel what is vibrating in the dark when we linger over looking, what is vibrating in silence when we linger over listening. We can reveal the sense of this meeting between words and pictures.

"A few years ago I stopped making music for two or three months. I needed to stop what had become a continuous relationship with sound vibration. Painting was a 'fallow' time for my ears, a time to fertilize something else. After this period of painting, I returned to concerts with a fresh sense of hearing. My painting has had an influence on the style of La Peau des Anges and gives it this contemplative aspect. When I am painting I work with little molecules of pigment and light. For me, music and painting are like working in the same domain of sonic and visual vibrations.""

6 august 2005
I added selections from Shades of Orion 3 by Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue.

Also I added selections from M Griffin's "sounds are hidden inside objects."  M Griffin (Mike) is the label owner and site op for

I posted site info to the Hyperreal ambient listserv.  Welcome to any visitors from that "esteemed" mailing list!

29 july 2005
I added selections from Numina's "Eye of the Nautilus" to the ambient stream this morning. 

From the Hypnos site: "
Eye of the Nautilus is similar to its predecessor tonally, but also explores some different themes and textures. Evocative electronic percussion is present at times, but overall the feel is one of deep-space ambience."

There are now over 6835 ambient tracks in rotation on the playlist!
27 july 2005
Due to loss of internet connectivity at the transmitter site in Greenland, the ambient stream was completely down for approximately 18 hours today.  Technical Support at the ISP was useless.  Moreover, the Tech Support representative promised to call me back later in the day to work through supposed router issues and never did telephone back.   However, the problem corrected itself by 8 PM and the ambient stream resumed.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for listening.
24 july 2005
I recently acquired a relatively rare box set of ambient music:  Henrik Nordvargr Björkk "Sleep Therapy".  I am adding selections to the ambient stream.

Also I added selections from Aidan Baker's "candescence" CD-R to the playlist for the ambient stream.

I also added some tracks from Philip Sanderson's CD entitled "Seal Pool Sounds."  From the Ear/Rational online store site:  "Seal Pool Sounds is the first CD release of new material from Snatch Tapes founder, Organum Collaborator, and British installation artist, Philip Sanderson.  Seal Pool Sounds picks up where Sanderson's Storm Bugs project left off sometime in 1981. Sanderson's DIY software and electronics conjure whimsical, plaintive electronic tones and rhythms: sounds that recollect the light-hearted, yet melancholy nature of the 20th century zoos. Seal Pool Sounds is a natural extension of his "Reprint" CD on Anomalous Records, and at once evokes LAFMS, Raymond Scott, Marcel Duchamp , and French New Wave film music"

Tom Shaw was nice enough to send me his latest guitar ambient beauty called " Lost In Love."  I added some tracks from it.  Thanks Tom!  I also play songs from "Music for an Art Gallery."  "Lost in Love" is a great blend of symphonic/classical ambient and lo-fi sound samples.

6 july 2005
The ambient stream went down last night for several hours due to Tropical Storm Cindy.
8 june 2005
Selections were added from Tom Heasley's "Triptych" CD.
5 may 2005
I added selections from Nordvargr - Drakh "Infinitas In Aeternum."
27 march 2005
The playlist was updated with music from Larry Kucharz's "Ambient Blue Washes."
20 march 2005
I added selections from a new CD from Matthew Florianz "self."
5 march 2005
I added selections from a new wonderful CD from ishq entitled "Magik Square of the Sun."  ishq is a very special group for me after their stunning debut double CD.
20 feb 2005
I added selections from a new 2-disc set on Atmoworks to the ambient stream: Vir Unis and James Johnson - Samovar - The Live Transmission 2 CD2 and Vir Unis and James Johnson - The Live Transmissions 2 CD1.
13 feb 2005
I received from the musician (Dwight Ashley) "Drop" a wonderful ambient CD.  I added selections from the CD to the ambient stream today.

Mardi Gras was wonderful this year.  You can check out my scrapbook picture site at

7 jan 2005
The ambient stream was down for an hour or so after a software application on the station machine went down and took the OS with it.  It's been a long time since I backed up the ambient machine so for today and likely tomorrow I will be doing just that.  While the machine was down, I performed a hard drive scan and I would surmise that the C-drive is starting to fail as the machine is probably 4-5 years old AT LEAST, and it has been in continuous operation for most of that time.  The ambient stream playlist takes up about 21 GB on the C-drive and about 50 GB on the D-drive.  Backup time over a USB card which was added to the computer should be several hours at least.  This backup may make the station unstable.  If so, I apologize in advance.  Thanks for reading and listening.
5 jan 2005
I just got back from visiting New York City.  Apparently the ambient stream had been down since December 28, the very day I left town for the trip.  My apologies to my regular listeners.  Next time I leave town I will check the stream daily and switch over to automatic/Basic Mode if the relay stream is interrupted.  Thanks for the listener emails I received!
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