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7 January 2004
The ambient stream was down for an hour or so after a software application on the station machine went down and took the OS with it.  It's been a long time since I backed up the ambient machine so for today and likely tomorrow I will be doing just that.  While the machine was down, I performed a hard drive scan and I would surmise that the C-drive is starting to fail as the machine is probably 4-5 years old AT LEAST, and it has been in continuous operation for most of that time.  The ambient stream playlist takes up about 21 GB on the C-drive and about 50 GB on the D-drive.  Backup time over a USB card which was added to the computer should be several hours at least.  This backup may make the station unstable.  If so, I apologise in advance.  Thanks for reading and listening.
5 January 2004
I just got back from visiting New York City.  Apparently the ambient stream had been down since December 28, the very day I left town for the trip.  My apologies to my regular listeners.  Next time I leave town I will check the stream daily and switch over to automatic/Basic Mode if the relay stream is interrupted.  Thanks for the listener emails I received!
25 December 2004
Happy Holidays from the.zzzone!!!!

I added selections from This Mortal Coil's Filigree & Shadow CD to the dada stream.  Click HERE for a review of this great late 80's 4AD classic.

25 December 2004
I added selections from a wonderful new CD from Afterlife called "Speck of Gold" to the downbeat stream.

Also I added selections from the 7th Hotel Costes compilation called September.

18 December 2004
Selections from a CD by Skuli Sverrisson called "Seremonie" were added to the ambient stream.  This CD is on Made To Measure and undoubtedly the only place you will hear this type of unusual music is at the.zzzone.
12 December 2004
Selections from a couple of CDs were added to the ambient stream playlist:

B. C. Gilbert and G. Lewis - 8 Time - this is an old offshoot of the noise/punk/eperimental group Wire
Brannan Lane - Piano Dreams & Nightscapes - Brannan's music is played quite a bit on the stream


...And congratulations again to Jourdan Laik for his new & improved Toxicant Records site with several never before available and rare CDs including the newly re-released "Beyond The Cloudline" mentioned below. 

The newest artist on the site is Ephemerid.  Apparently the artist is extremely talented.  Click HERE to read more about Ephemerid.  We hope to be playing Ephemerid on our ambient stream very soon.

11 December 2004
I have added several new selections to the new dada MP3Pro stream from discs including the following: Holger Hiller - Demixed...Beautiful People Ltd - Introducing...Mark Van Hoen - The Last Flowers From The Darkness ... Controlled Bleeding - Trudge [click on title for more info]
9 December 2004
I have added selections from several more new downtempo CDs to the downbeat stream over the last week:

Various - Chill Out in Paris 2
A Man Called Adam - All My Favourite...

Various - Layabout V.2

As usual click on the title above for more information.

6 December 2004
I have added selections from several new downtempo CDs to the downbeat stream over the last week:

Various - Elementalal Chill Volume 3 - Air
Various - Vintage Chill Volume 1 - Spring
Munkie - Chemical Process

Tune into the downbeat stream for some mellow, melodic beats!  Click on the links above for more info.  And thanks to Munkie for the nice preview CD.

25 November 2004
I have just added selections from a compilation called "Just Got Home | Fragile State" on Beechwood Music to the downtempo stream.  Good stuff that fits with the stream well. 

From "Over the last year Fragile State have through the beauty of their acclaimed debut album "The Facts & The Dreams", established themselves as key players in the world of laid back grooves, Muzik magazine recently commenting “Fragile State look set to become massive in the coming months.” Now the boys have put together another beautiful album, only this time it is a compilation of the finest contemporary chillage. Pulling together a sublime selection of tunes from their piers Fragile State have come up with the perfect album for lazy days in the sun."


Also added were selections from the Kriztel label's compilation Bedroom Communities 01 (Pillow Talk).  From Kriztel's site "Shamelessly exploiting the habits and lifestyles of commuters and suburbanites everywhere, Kriztal Entertainment introduces Bedroom Communities 01. Pillow Talk.  Picture this: over-scheduled soccer moms and stressed-out commuter dads home from the office, tired and in need of some relief. We've created the perfect antidote to just this scenario - a sexy, sultry collection of "between the sheets" grooves that will provide the perfect soundtrack for your pillow talk.  Selecting tracks from artists and labels from all over the world, Bedroom Communities 01. Pillow Talk will soon become your favorite album of choice for unwinding. Nearly all of these tracks are rare, hard-to-find on CD or as yet unreleased anywhere.  Featuring The Funky Lowlives, Hardkandy, Fort Knox Five, The First Floor Brothers, Erik Sumo and more."

25 November 2004
I added selections from a new Robert Rich CD "Temple of the Invisible" to the ambient stream.  According to "First new Rich work since Seven Veils, this one uses entirely “natural” and acoustic sound sources to weave an exotic and hypnotic sound tapestry. Features performances by Forrest Fang, Tom Heasley, Sukhawat Ali Khan and others."


I also added selections from two relatively recent publications on the databloem label:

The Circular Ruins: Empathy Test [click for review and samples]
Various: Collection 2

Both are excellent contemporary ambient releases and are highly recommended.

21 November 2004
The entire dada stream was switched over to 64kbps 44,000 Hz stereo MP3Pro yesterday and today!!!

I had to re-rip all the music to that format, and that process is ongoing as I type this.  We will see how the sound quality is and will see what listener reaction is.  If you read this and you have comments either positive or negative, please let me know.  Click HERE to email me and leave the XXX out of the address.  It's a spam blocking technique.

13 November 2004
I have just acquired the new Flunk CD "Morning Star" from the Kriztal label, and I have added several selections to the playlist for the.zzzone : downbeat

From the Kriztel website:

"And now for something a little different. Fans of Kriztal music will know that we try to bring you fresh music from all over the world without painting ourselves into a corner with one musical genre. With Morning Star, we take a turn into the realm of Electronica/Pop with Flunk featuring the haunting vocals of Anja Øyen Vister.

Flunk is a stylish synth pop trio hailing from Norway and in addition to Anja with her Bjork vocal similarities, the group is rounded out with Ulf Nygaard, producer and vocalist, guitarist Jo Bakke and associated member drummer Erik Ruud.

Their first album (released on Guidance Recordings in 2003) and the hit single "Blue Monday", a remake of the New Order classic, garnered not only critical acclaim but also gave them a solid fan base from the track appearing on a slew of Stateside releases such as Ultra Chilled 03 and Chillin' at the Playboy Mansion.

Described as "woozy, gauzy, muted, blurry and very groovy", Flunk occupies that unlikely space between folk and electronica. At once organic and studio-tweaked, the Flunk sound layers Anja's "creamy, dreamy" vocals over a hushed base of samples, keys and softly strummed guitars, creating an ethereal, past-midnight vibe.

On Morning Star we are treated to another New Order track, a live studio recording of "True Faith". Morning Star also delivers very strong original material showcasing their suberb songwriting talent with the title track "Morning Star", as well as "On My Balcony", "Blind My Mind" and "Probably"."

Flunk is one of my favorite downtempo groups!  Enjoy.

6 November 2004
New additions to the ambient stream playlist this week include selections from the following:

Foy-The Elf Machine - Bonsai (Disc 2)
Lustmord - Carbon - Core
Elements Of Life - Molecular Dreams
Bruce Gilbert - This Way to the Shivering Man
Alio Die - Sol Niger
Tau Ceti - Somnium

Click above for reviews and/or info on obtaining the music!

6 November 2004
I added several selections from CDs that I treasure to the dada playlist:

Hector Zazou - Sahara Blue [eclectic, artsy music and such from an exemplary soundcraftsman and co.] - Gabor G. Kr istof - Le Cri Du Lezard [a unique French CD with acoustic guitar and nice vocals on Made To Measure] - Minimal Man - Hunger Is All She Has Ever Known - Mock Honeymoon [another classic avant-rock disc from Made To Measure] - Samy Birnbach & Benjamin Lew -  When God Was Famous (A Tribute to Poetry) [eclectic European neoclassical music and vocals on MTM]. - Various - Lonely is an Eyesore [ a pre-gothic 4AD compilation including Dead Can Dance, Colourbox, etc.] - Conspiracy International - Collectiv One [a pseudonym of Chris and Cosey with early technoacid sounds]. - Isabelle Antena - Intemporelle [the French pop singer on Disques du Crespucule sings in French!]


31 October 2004
More station adds over the last couple of weeks with selections from the following CDs from the vaults:

Various - From Brussels With Love
[another great eclectic weirdo compliation with spoken word, singing, pop, ambient, beautiful stuff...]

Martyn Bates - Imagination feels like Poison
[the singer from Eyeless in Gaza does a solo record with very unique vocals as usual]

Various - Les Disques du Crepuscule Presents New Music for America
[what can I say except I love this label and this is a compilation from the late 80's and early 90's that was released domestically in the U.S. unlike most of their other stuff]

Paul Haig - The Warp Of Pure Fun
[a unique pop artist on Crepuscule]

Marc Almond - Stranger Things
[the singer from Soft Cell does another romantic solo record...he's currently in the hospital in the UK recovering from a motorcycle accident]

Bryan Ferry - Mamouna
[brilliant "liquid" sounding music and vocals similar to his hit Avalon CD]

Anna Domino - This Time
[another pop singer from Les Disques du Crepuscule ]

Hear the music

Les Disques du Crepuscule history

Enjoy November and Get Out & Vote November 2! (if applicable)

31 October 2004
I added some selections from Tunguska's self-titled CD from 2000 to the ambient stream today.  Its on Amplexus.

From the Soleilmoon site: Limited hand numbered edition of 485 copies in special slip case packaging. This is a side-project of Claudio Dondo of RUNES ORDER and Massimo De Maria of Tangram. A mix between the more obscure beating works of Kirlian Camera and the ambient and cold Runes Order style. The music sounds as if it could be used for a science-fiction film.


Selections from
Bass Communion's very interesting CD "Ghosts on Magnetic Tape" were also added to the ambient stream playlist.  The CD is on no mans land.


Some stuff from another unusual disc was added today to the ambient stream: The Mystery School's " Dawn of the Magicians".  This is classic dark ambient.

"Limited to 300 handnumbered copies

Intended as an exercise in awareness and spiritual awakening, "The Dawn of the Magicians" carries with it the messages of hope and joy despite the many opposing forces we face while living in this reality. It is a guide, of sorts, intended to help the listener cast the scales from their eyes and heart. The rulers of the earth try to keep us, as humans, at a low vibrational frequency.  This is a step in helping us to see them for who they are, what they represent, and how we can overcome the path they have set for us.


...And I am very pleased to add some more Windy & Carl selections from "Portal".


24 October 2004
I found a great CD from 1994 by Bryan Ferry "Mamouna" which portrays Bryan at his most languid and dreamy self.  There are not any male voices besides Bryan Ferry and David Sylvian that I find this amazingly beautiful.  Apparently this CD is all about dreams or the aural equivalent of dreams.  Read a good review HERE.  Naturally I added selections to the dada stream.
24 October 2004
Today was a big day for several streams including the downbeat oneI added some unusual downtempo selections from hardman's "shirts and pistols" on Quartermass. 

There are some cool vocals and eccentric acoustic and electronic music:

"Hardman's debut, Shirts and Pistols, takes stock of deep soul and white trash culture, folkrock and microprocessor-aesthetics on both sides of the Atlantic, and makes it all their own. Kraftwerk live again, but with Howlin' Wolf as their frontman - or maybe it's the other way 'round? Sampling and resampling themselves Hardman deconstructs and reconstructs a relaxed cocktail of digital collages, songwriting and old school popmusic. This product contains no third party ingredients.

Shirts and Pistols was produced by Hardman and Mark Bihler, who has lent his producing/remixing talents to bands like Appliance, Saint Etienne and Melllow, and enjoys success in the UK with his project Bridge and Tunnel. Created, with extensive use of the internet, and over a two month production period in Berlin, the album celebrates songs as well as collages and fragments. Hardman lives what, in many cases, is merely the result of artistic calculation, and therefore they have a credibility that is very rare to find these days." [from]

24 October 2004
New selections to the.zzzone : : tech from Ellen Allien "Remix Collection"

...Remix Collection proves how distinct of an identity she has developed despite those debts. The compilation chronicles much of Allien's career, from her 1996 heavy house remix of Gut-Humpe's "Butterfly" to a 2003 reconfiguration of Berlinette lead-off "Alles Sehen". Much like Matthew Herbert's 2002 remix album Secondhand Sounds, Allien's Remix Collection works well as an album precisely because each remix so clearly bears her fingerprints: particularly her uncompromisingly dark, rhythmic displacements of source material. Allien's reworking of Sascha Funke's "Forms and Shapes" understands the melancholy that neither the original nor any other of the song's several remixes could fully grasp, while her take on Gold Chains' "Let's Get It On" proves that she knows when to lay off a bit-- the song's memorable vocal and synth hooks remain completely intact. Same goes for French duo OMR's "The Way We Have Chosen": Allien maintains the original's key "Here Come the Warm Jets" guitar melodies, and concentrates her influence in the song's breakdown, which even features her own glitched-out vocals.

Remix Collection's most historically popular cuts-- the remixes of Barbara Morgenstern's "Aus Heiterem Himmel" and of Golden Boy with Miss Kittin's "Rippin Kittin"-- are unsurprisingly the album's brightest spots, too. The sheer vitality of Allien's Morgenstern remix flat-out embarrasses the lounge-y, Gainsbourgeous original, while Allien's subtle enhancements to the electro-snorter "Rippin Kittin" give the song's hook ("Daddy/ Can I go out and kill tonight?/ I feel/ I feel like taking a life") remarkable chill. It's a wonder people didn't feel more awkward dancing to Allien's version (the remix was a relative club hit in 2002), but that's further testament to Allien's talent: Given both its tact and personal energy, Remix Collection could just as accurately been titled My Parade, too.

-Nick Sylvester, September 21st, 2004  [from]

24 October 2004
Sunday is my favorite day here in Greenland.  I just added some fine selections from a relatively new Alio Die CD called il Temp Magico di Saturnia Pavonia.

From the Projekt site:

In this new cd Stefano Musso displays ten new tracks of powerful layers of both acoustic and real sounds. The sense of MAGIC inside the performing was invited and respected during rites of composition ,and as usual it has guides of the creative process. Then spirits of life comes ,inside a sensitive and creative SPACE, attitude is purified that which is deeply desired the focus of the soul, quiet and almost transparent is the mind. Ok, this is deep music to listen meanwhile you are looking in front of the FIRE, walking in the wildness , or when you need a deep and magic inspiration for poetry, painting ,research , LOVE and meditation, and in every activities in which you need to expand time and sensibility ,and to be really and totaly present ! oh, ... surely, you would be in the same time in different layers of consciousness , looking for some special gifts in order to magically convert this crazy time into a better one ! ALIO DIE !

Recorded winter/spring 2002
Instruments played and processed by Stefano Musso : Drones and loops, bells, small accordion, chen, tubes, flutes. Source recordings were made at romanic church Pieve di S.Giorgio(MS) Italy. Enviromental recordings made around Lunae studio during the sessions in spring 2002. Artwork and photos by Hic Sunt Leones.


Also some selections from Ben Fleury Steiner's "...To Reach The Other Shore" on Gears of Sand:

"Fans of understated abstract experimental pieces from labels such as Hypnos and The Foundry, would do well to consider investing in releases on the fascinating Gears Of Sand label. Even the packaging is unique, completely clear jewel cases with no conventional booklet; just a jewel embedded in the upper left corner near the spine, and a half-sheet of clear plastic for the front cover art and title. Other credits are etched directly on the back of the jewel case. Ingenious packaging, ingenious music. This particular disc is quiet and subtle. The sound palette is rich and adventurous despite the minimal nature of it. The 10-minute opener “Red Moon Echoes” seems a dead ringer for Geir Jenssen’s work as Biosphere, as ambient drones are fused with soft pulses and occasional odd mechanical sounds. “Glocio” is also quiet and relatively formless, although distant bells do appear. Regular beats and melodies are not to be found, and some pieces are so subtle as to be nearly silent at times, as on “…To Whisper 1,000 Shimmering Births,” although babies can be heard crying in the distant background. Each track seems to go nowhere and yet everywhere, and each is different than the next, such as the fascinating “Tzippor,” which sounds a bit like crickets and someone trampling leaves, but the sound is too regular, too mechanized to be that exactly.  Moody with lots of intrigue, …To Reach the other Shore is a great time." -Phil Derby/Electroambient Space (October 2004)


Also selections from a new artist's submission for airplay Mark Mahoney's "if dreams were clouds".  Thanks Mark.  I'll add more comments as I get to know it better.


Another unexpected delight Mike VanPortfleet - Beyond The Horizon Line arrived this week and selections have been added to the ambient stream.  This is dark droning stuff that fits in well with certain aspects of the.zzzone.  Check the description at the Projekt site linked from the title.  And CLICK HERE for a nice review at

17 October 2004
I added selections from another wonderful Windy & Carl CD : A Dream of Blue to the ambient stream.  I cannot get enough of this dreamy ambient guitar music.  This CD is a real rarity apparently.  Listen in!
17 October 2004
Recent additions to the !dada! & !futurism! stream include:

Various - The Fruit of the Original Sin [more idiosyncratic stuff from the best label that came and went - Les Disques du Crepuscule] / Weekend - La Variete [bossa-tinged pop music from 1990 on Rough Trade] / Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth [ambient guitar pop with cool vocals also on Rough Trade] / The Tape-Beatles - Music With Sound [sample madness in a classic experimental style of several years ago] / The Durutti Column - LC [my favorite ambient guitar with a minimalist classical edge] / Harold Budd and The Cocteau Twins - The Moon And The Melodies [ambient music and Cocteau Twins on 4AD...what else can you say?] / Heidi Berri - Love [folky romantic pop on 4AD] / Daniel Schell & Karo - The Secret Of Bwlch [bizarre orchestral stuff on Made To Measure] / Marc Almond - Child Star - Child Star [a single from 1/2 of the original Soft Cell]

10 October 2004
Today I am adding some unusual ambient music on the Gears of Sand limited CD-R label to the the ambient stream.  This is interesting drone / noise / minimal stuff.

Selections from the following were added:

k.m. krebs - Oneiromancy
Ben Fleury-Steiner - ...To Reach The Other Shore
k.m. krebs & heath yonaites - The Seed Project

I also added some cool selections from cyberCHUMP's Abstract Air CD.  I got my version at

Also let me encourage everyone to check out the Hypnos Forum for some of the best info on new ambient music, often from the artists themselves.

9 October 2004
Today I added some really wonderful selections from a brand new double disc from John Foxx & Harold Budd: Translucence and Drift Music to the ambient stream.  Be very excited!  This is excellent stuff.  I'm a big fan of both musicians.
3 October 2004
Lots of new adds to the new station !dada! & !futurism!

Selections from the following discs were added over the last week:

Wim Mertens - After Virtue [melodic piano music from the master...] -  Wire - The Ideal Copy  [rock that isn't rock] - Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish - Not To  [singer from Wire on his own...] - Cindytalk - In This World  [elegant surreal and abstract] - David Linx - Moon to your Sun  [lounge lizardesque] - Fra Lippo Lippi - Songs [Factory-style rock] - David Sylvian - Everything And Nothing  [sublime voice with dreamy music from his best compilation] - Controlled Bleeding - Songs from the Ashes [ambient post-rock] - Various - Mmmm Ahhh Ohhh- A Crepuscule Compilation [weirdness from a wonderful old label]  - Mo Boma - Jijimuge- Interdiffusion of Particulars [exotic electronica] - Wire (Wir) - The First Letter [early experimental post-rock] - Various - The Myths Collection, Part Two [more weirdness] - John Foxx & Louis Gordon - The Pleasures of Electricity  [silky old school technopop & electro] - Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures [elegant depression from the band that became New Order]

26 September 2004
!dada! & !futurism!

Today I changed the microsound station over to an eclectic, surprising, retro yet futuristic sound consisting of the weird & wonderful music I have collected over the years from labels like Made To Measure, 4AD, Earthly Delight, NER, Les Disque Du Crepuscule, Ralph, and many many others.  Artists like Dome, Virginia Astley, John Foxx, John Cale, Tuxedomoon, Blaine Rheinenger, The Residents, will brush shoulders with futuristic glitch and minimal musics.  The station is called !dada! & !futurism! and I hope this will interest people who have very different tastes in timeless sounds as well as the latest new and unusual musics.

Here's a taste of some of the CDs I used to mine for good stuff:

Blaine Reininger - Expatriate Journals
John Cale - Paris s'eveille
DEATH IN JUNE - Operation Hummingbird
Virginia Astley - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
The Hafler Trio - Four Ways of Saying Five
Tuxedomoon - Desire
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - Crash and Burn
Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown - A Propos D'un Paysage
B. C. Gilbert & G. Lewis - 8 Time
Peter Principle - Sedimental Journey
Benjamin Lew - Nebka
Chris and Cosey - Exotika

Let me know if you like or dislike this new endeavor.  Click HERE to send feedback by email.


25 September 2004
More new music!  Today I added selections from Chuck Wild's Liquid Mind VII: Reflection project.  It's good stuff - ambient and soothing.  Not sentimental or new agey.  It's on the Real Music label.

I also added a long selection from Stephen Philip's Installation No 1 "Hard Shadows".  It's on Stephen's Dark Duck label and available as a MP3 download for a very reasonable price.

...And congratulations to Jourdan Laik for his new Toxicant Records site with several never before available and rare CDs including the newly re-released "Beyond The Cloudline" mentioned below.  Pssssst: there's a nice radio stream there too :)

19 September 2004
I added some selections off of a new CD by Caduceus called Process X to the.zzzone : : tech station's playlist.  Typical to the rest of the playlist the sound is downbeat, dubby, thumping techno with a microsound/glitch presence.  Or from the EAR/Rational site: "Debut full-length release from Joanne and Christian Althoff, a.k.a. Caduceus. Process X features 8 tracks that are a queasy blend of 4/4 beats, glitches, blips, and home sampling that walks the fine line between the living room and the dance floor."
16 September 2004
I added some selections off of Paul Schwartz's CDs Aria I, II, III to the downtempo stream.  They are a fairly unique blend of operatic vocals and downtempo electronic music, but I do not really like the pomposity of opera much.  Thanks to Aria for the CDs nevertheless!
5 September 2004
I added some selections from the following new CD to both the ambient and the downtempo streams:

Takashi Wada - Meguro
Here's a review at  Enjoy!

I also updated the ambient stream playlist HERE.

Plus I just have to share this picture I took from the garden tonight.  It's a nightblooming cereus: click HERE.

4 September 2004
I have added selections from 3 wonderful CDs to the ambient stream today:

Terra Ambient: The Gate

Daevine: Beyond The Cloudline
reviewed at
This CD is currently unavailable for sale but please listen on my ambient stream.  The CD is a project from Michael Allison of Darshan Ambient and Jourdan Laik of Toxicant Radio.  Very very nice.  Thanks guys!

URM Synthphonics: Darkness on the Edge of Light
This CD appears to be a side project of dreamSTATE

Now Playing: Deep Chill Network - Out There Chill [32:36] - Cyber Sleep 4 [ ]

29 August 2004

I've added selections from a couple of Stephen Philips CDs:

Stephen Philips: Avalon Chill
Stephen Philips: Reflections In Water

Thanks to all the listeners as my total listening time has increased quite a bit (not that I'm competing).

...and I just reformatted this page :)

8 August 2004

As winter approaches again here in Greenland, I'm enjoying the last gasp of warm weather.

Yesterday I added some selections from the following to the ambient stream:

Steven K Smith - Totality 6-10-94
A true space ambient disc that is very quiet and themed on an eclipse.

Elam Ashman - Meditations
" This album combines the ethereal qualities of suspended harmonies with deep drones and the sounds of  rhythmic pulsing machines and space-like mechanisms. Meditations is an exploration of new and unusual sound-worlds. "

I've added some new ambient label links including kikapu and thinner.

I've added a photoshop "art" section where I'm just having some fun especially with U.S. political idiots.

23 July 2004

The station was down for several hours yesterday due to a power
outage at the transmitter.

Also according to my web host, this site has been down for about the last 72 hours due to a DDOS attack for the second time in about a year.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Despite lack of postings, I have been adding more music with
selections from the following:

laocoon - Immersion

Oophoi - Dust In The Wind (The Works, 1995-2003) (Disc 1)

exuviae - Response

26 June 2004

This has been a good month for the stations.

I've added some m-m-m-more new stuff:

Max Corbacho - Vestiges
Biosphere - Autour de la lune
Mokira - Album

As usual there is lots more stuff to come...very soon!

9 June 2004

Mmmmore new stuff and selections from the following:

John Broaddus - 4 at 18
DAC Crowell And Kurt Doles - Dac Crowell - Kurt Doles
Mathias Grassow - Dharma (Disc 1)

FutureMusicCorp - Atmospheric Musing -
Mathias Grassow - The Gothic Passage
Gigi - Illuminated Audio
Mathias Grassow - Insights (Disc 9)
Joris de Man and Matthew Florianz - Arnhem Concert -
Steve Raymar - Illusion 3 -

26 May 2004

I forgot to mention a wonderful new addition that I got for subscribing to e-dition, a new ambient / spacemusic magazine.  Check out the website and the new magazine.

I have put selections from the new disc on the station playlist:

Arcanum - Alaska

...from smd review:

Released in 1996, the artist behind Arcanum is Bernd Franz Moritz Braun and he's come up with a quality synth album here which doesn't exactly break new ground, but what it does cover is presented with polish and expertise. The opening track 'Alaska' features 20 minutes of careful sequences and lush synth pads and textures. This is not for fans of "in yer face" wall of sound EM, but may appeal to Space Music fans who would perhaps like something a bit less desolate and more lively. 'Behind the White Sea' is a lush symphonic affair with a genuinely strong theme which brings to mind Robert Fox. 'Megaptera' is a lighter piano led piece containing some deft sequencing, and the lighter more contemporary theme continues on 'Awakening' and especially 'Final Recall' which is a grandiose slab of symphonic mood music which may even be palatable to other members of the family who usually abandon the room once anything EM related hits the player. (GG)

On Now: Ontario Blue - This Mortal Coil [6:02] - Shine

22 May 2004

More adds today from the following:

Markus Reuter - Older Than God
Michael Peters - sketched landscape no 1
Rothko - no anchor no chart no rudder no sails

All of the above are CD-Rs on the
Burning Shed label
and purchased directly from the label.


On Now: Veer - Realm [4:39] - Lideskape

From levelheaded review:

Source Records

Frankfurt based Ole Schulte, the producer behind Veer is relatively new to the scene and when he is not working on tracks for labels like Source, Force Inc of Cytrax, he spends time as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and as art director for Sven Väth's Cocoon Recordings.  You can't help but hear his design background spill over into the warm pulsating digi-dub work as Veer.  His careful attention to subtle arrangement, sound design, and slight differences between tracks carry a minimal design structure yet don't retain any of the colder elements that you might assume to go along with it.  His production style features much of the same elements as artists off of ~Scape and occasionally venture off into clicky tech-house before landing back into the atmospheric and gentle digital dub world of clicks, pops, warm pads, and loads of delay and shifting melodies.  A recent interview with the group Underworld mentioned that they viewed the future of music production as a period where artists create work for everyday environments as opposed to a standard album release. I think Veer would be a perfect candidate to lead that effort. - JH

19 May 2004

More new additions to the playlist with selections from:

Various - Convergence
Various - Dreams & Shadows
Mark Rownd - Painting Twilight

All of the above in a recent purchase from
Fairfield Records

and all on the
Spotted Peccary label

15 May 2004

I've updated the complete ambient playlist so that listeners can see the extent of my efforts to make the ambient stream as comprehensive as possible.

11 May 2004

Very busy with my job, but at least I added selections from one new gem:

Ruben Garcia - Maybe Forgotten Forever 2xCD

I am a very big Ruben Garcia fan.  His solo piano ambient music strikes a very similar vein to Brian Eno.  In fact he has worked with Eno.

Playing Now on the ambient stream:  Taylor - Sad Grin [10:37] - State of the Art Heirloom

This slightly older compilation is described below:

"Toshoklabs returns for the summer with a calm and lucid compilation titled State of the Art Heirloom. Picking up where Dated left off, this 10 track CD features an ambient and found-sound aesthetic made with a minimum of DSP showmanship; in its place are audio splices of everyday happenings, wavering drones, melancholic horns and understated rhythms. The intent of the compilation is to examine the idea of 'folk' music as we progress into the 21st century and onto the next wave of digital culture, while trying to maintain a certain poetic sensibility. To that end, the tracks exhibit a polite disregard for the latest generative compositional trends in favor of a warmer organic feel. This is not to say that there isn't a good amount of experimentation to be found; the recording would make for a pleasant soundtrack to the forgotten story of discovering an old attic or junkyard treasure. Fans of the quieter passages found within Biosphere, Boards of Canada, Dettinger or the Touch label would do well to search out this release." Features: Antarktika, Ocone, Don Rainwater, Mark Hadley, Headshell, Taylor."

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24 April 2004
Here's some new stuff added in more of a realtime mode:

Ma Ja Le - Dreams In The Orchard Of Of Saturn
Darkened Soul - Dreamscapes
Bloodflowers - torn at the seams
18 April 2004
As much as I love this site, its hard to maintain.

I apologize for not having more news in a timely manner.

I am constantly adding new music so tune in for the REAL NEWS!

New additions lately include selections from the following (legitimate) CD recordings or internet downloads:

Alio Die and Yannick Dauby - 'Descendre Cinq Lacs Au Travers D'une Voile'
Ma Ja Le - Dreams In The Orchard Of Of Saturn
Darshan Ambient - The Zen Master's Diary
Amir Baghiri and Brannan Lane - Lucid Circles
Farfield - Sonic Entities
Information - Biomekano
samsangelwings - dream splinters in the doorway
Aperus - hinterland
Deep Chill Network - Cyber Sleep 4
Ashera - Enviro
Diatonis - Ambient Life CD1+2+3
Douglas Quin - Antarctica
Saul Stokes - Fields
John Duvall - Hell's Canyon
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden
pholde - in accordance with conscience
Pholde - In Favour Of More Permanent Pleasures
Michael Brook - Live At The Aquarium
Edgar W. Froese - ambient highway vol. 2
Atom Infant Incubator - Quantum Leaps Lost Soundtracks
encomiast - espera bonus CD
IXOHOXI - Ambient Tone Poems Volume 1 & 3
A Produce and Ruben Garcia - Early Sessions 1991 - 1993
Runes Order - The Art Of Scare And Sorrow
Jon Hopkins - Opalescent
Robert Rich and Steve Roach - Strata
Zero Ohms - Unafraid of the Impending Silence
Giles Reaves - Sacred Space
Sylken and Pholde - Sculptor
Forma Tadre - Navigator
rodach - music for fish
birds of tin - wed if by transitions

Be sure and check out my flora and fauna shots from Greenland In The Spring!

And be sure and check out the websites of the artists that I play.
Many of them offer their compositions directly for very little money.

And thanks to the many, many artists and labels that generously donate music for airplay.

There are now a stunning
6179 ambient selections in constant rotation!!!!

29 Dec 2003 - 29 Dec 2003 - 29 Dec 2003

Greetingzzz from where its perpetually cold and grey :)

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday!

A musical update from
the.zzzone is long overdue; suffice it to say that although I lost about a thousand songs in a hard drive crash, I
have steadily been adding a lot of new stuff:

Scanner: 52 Spaces
Lusine icl - a pseudo steady state
Various: absolute zero
Abstractology - Astronomics of Green clover mix
Colin Potter - And Then
Various: Collection 1 Opening
Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb [now playing]
Windy and Carl - Consciousness
taylor deupree and richard chartier - spec
Tujiko Noriko - Make me Hard
Ron Boots - Ghost of A Mist
Nick Parkin - Entropolis
Stephen Philips and Numina - Outward Appearance
parmentier - luxsound
Rothko - New Found Land
Matthew Florianz & Friends - Electronic Forest
Anders Ilar - Everdom

Basically the list above represents about 2% of the music added since my last update.

The ambient relay stream playlist contains 5979 selections, many of which are 60 mins long or more!

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Please come by and tune in. I appreciate all of your support.

You can access the ambient stream directly at

or come by the website at

and choose from all 5 streams: ambient, downtempo, microsound, tech, and electro.

The last 100 songs played on the ambient stream can be viewed at

I also have some new photos up from my recent trip to Las Vegas.

Happy Holidazzze !!!

dr zzzzz
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1 Nov 2003

I'm adding more music and more photos constantly.

New music from Zero Ohms, Max Corbacho, Mewark, etc.

New photos from Jean Lafitte Park, house, and garden...


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