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New Orleans Restaurants/Stores with Vegetarian Meal Offerings

Restaurant Location(s) Recommended


Whole Foods Market
A healthy grocery store
Uptown: 5600 Magazine St - (504) 899-9119 Lots of deli department items
Many salads
Prepared veggies
Usually efficient
Casual Medium
Basil Leaf
Thai food
Uptown: 1438 S Carrollton Ave - (504) 862-9001 Pad thai is great (add tofu!) Excellent Casual or better Medium
to high
Thai food
Just out of the French Quarter
1913 Royal St - (504) 948-9309
Many veggie appetizers and entres Good Casual or better Medium
Pho Tau Bay
Vietnamese food
1.  Downtown: Tulane Avenue near Claiborne across from LSU Health Sciences
2.  Mid City: Carrolton near Canal
216 N Carrollton Ave - (504) 485-7687
3.  Metairie: 3116 N Arnoult Rd, Metairie - (504) 780-1063
Veggie po-boy made with tofu!
Veggie soup with tofu and lots of basil and sprouts
Other Vietnamese items are available.
Friendly efficient staff.
Fast service
Casual Inexpensive
Pasta Restaurant
1. 5080 Ponchatrain Blvd - (504) 486-7448
2. Uptown: 3226 Magazine Street -
(504) 895-4260
Lots of pasta choices which can be custom ordered Friendly Casual or better Inexpensive to medium
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
"Gourmet Pizza"
1. French Quarter 95 French Market Pl - (504) 522-9500
2. Uptown: Carrolton near St Charles,
615 S Carrollton Ave - (504) 866-5900
Many salads, appetizers, and gourmet veggie pizzas
Roasted garlic pizza
Margharita pizza
Spinach salad
Feta cheese salad
Friendly staff Casual Inexpensive to Medium
Mixed Bag
Slim Goodie's
3322 Magazine Street near the intersection of Louisiana Ave
(504) 891-EGGS
Non-vegetarian Americana diner-style food with a vegetarian twist
Veggie & vegan breakfast food served all day
Veggie burgers
Inexpensive to Medium
Street Cafe
Barracks St at the French Market
French Quarter
430 Barracks St (504) 525-0330
Eclectic variety of food
Tofu quesadillas highly recommended.
Also tofu tacos and many other items
Under new ownership Oct 2004
Delivery offered to the French Quarter area.
Very casual Inexpensive
Southwestern U.S.
Kokopelli's Off of North Claiborne uptown
3150 Calhoun St - (504) 861-3922
Many veggie versions of Southwestern foods: tacos, burritos, and yummy salads Friendly staff
(sometimes they deviate from the recipes of ordered items)
Very casual Inexpensive
Downtown, just off Canal near the French Quarter
115 University Pl - (504) 299-1926
Many veggie items - very, very filling
Noon or Sunday night (all you can eat) buffet highly recommended
Friendly, but quiet Casual or better Medium priced
Nirvana Uptown on Magazine Street near Jefferson
4308 Magazine St - (504) 894-9797
Many veggie items
Noon buffet highly recommended!
Fair service Casual or better Medium (noon) to higher (evening)
Taj Mahal In Old Metairie on Metairie Road
923 Metairie Rd - (504) 836-6859
Many veggie items
including appetizers and entrees
Veggie dinner for two people
Great rice pudding :)
Excellent service Casual or better Medium
Middle Eastern / Mediterranean
Fellini's Cafe 900 N Carrollton Ave
(504) 488-2155
Middle Eastern and Italian Foods with several veggie selections including hummus, salads, calzones, sandwiches, and more. A bit slow Very casual Inexpensive
Mona's Cafe 1.  Frenchman St right outside the French Quarter
504 Frenchmen St - (504) 949-4115
2.  Mid City: Banks right off of Jeff Davis
3901 Banks St - (504) 482-7743
3.  Uptown off of North Claiborne

3151 Calhoun St - (504) 861-2124
Middle Eastern food including tabouli, hummus, falafel, baba ganoush Friendly Very casual Inexpensive
South of the U.S. Border
Taqueria Corona 1. Uptown: 5932 Magazine Street - (504)897-3974
857 Fulton St., (504) 524-9805
Warehouse district
Latin food including veggie version of California burrito, taco salad
Great pico de gallo!
Friendly Casual Inexpensive to medium

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